Counting Cells


We’ve just about counted enough cells enough times. Maybe when they count the cells on Monday, they will say “sure, go home, you crazy kids.” That’s the plan.


“My own immediate reaction was bafflement & surprise, and I think I almost believed it. … But not really. The more I brooded on it, the more I was troubled by waves of queasiness & shudders of gnawing doubt. I felt nervous & vaguely confused, as if I had just heard a dog speak perfect English for 30 or 40 seconds. That will get your attention, for sure. … Some people get permanently destabilized by it: Nothing they see with their own eyes will ever look quite the same to them again. As in “I know that the object I’m looking at is an Egg — but I also know that if it talks to me like a person, it is not an Egg.”” -HST