Summer Vacation


It’s a year away, and who knows if this guy will allow us to meet him. He saved my sons life though, so it’s hard to imagine he would be unwilling. Corrine turned in the letter she wrote to the donor. Our doctors give the note to the people from the bone marrow registry and they give it to the donor. It was handwritten, and they warned us that someone is going to go over it very carefully. The doctor said “Yes, like a prison guard reading the prisoners mail.” He said not to mention Chicago or any info that would obviously identify us.


What the doctor said got me wondering if I could decipher anything about the donor. The only info I had was this bag of stem cells, but I knew it was in the same room with him. The time on the bag said they were collected at 12:08 PDT. Pacific Day Time? OK. I started thinking he could be on the west coast. Why else would they list the time in PDT. I had to Google the exact PDT zone to see what it included. When I told my wife, she decided he was from Portland, Oregon. Maybe.


“It is like pumping hot steam into thousands of different-size boilers. The laws of physics mandate that some will explode before others–although all of them will explode sooner or later unless somebody cuts off the steam.” -HST


“I love steam myself, and I have learned to survive under savage and unnatural pressures. I am a steam freak.” -HST