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  1. THAT’S The Chicago Way
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    […] Yesterday, I rode bikes around the Printers Row neighborhood and took notice of architectural details that I normally overlook. At the time, I failed to get a picture of the old printing press in front of the Digital Realty building so I went back this morning, took care of that, and added it to yesterday’s blog post like it had always been there.  The security gaurd came to the door immediately, and he had a bewildered expression on his face. He stared at me, wondering if I was up to no good, and if he would be forced to come outside. I waved at him and he smiled and went back to his chair. It happens often, because these security gaurds just can’t understand what someone would be doing fucking around at #333am. It happened at the Sears Tower once, you can even see the security gaurd in the photo from that day as he peers out the front doors. […]

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